Even the Small Have Birthdays


The subway may be hitting centennial and ol' Times Square clocking the same years, but our smallest 'picture element' has a birthday coming, too. And this time, it won’t be overlooked. In 1954, Princeton researchers created the first computer graphic, and consequently, our first pixel. 2004 marks the pixel's 50th birthday, and pixelgala.org intends to celebrate. A timeline depicting history in all its pixilated glory, pixelgala.org curates pixelart submissions for each year of the pixel - from its Jersey birth to its ubiquitous middle age. The release of Windows95, Tupac's death, and the millennium bug are milestones of the last decade. In its entirety, the pixel timeline is akin to the Academy's lifetime achievement award, or an A&E; biography, just a bit more squared around the edges. Sixteen countries and 24 artists currently represent pixelgala, and the timeline still needs stuffing. The template for submissions can be found online at the gala. Call for work expires on Sunday 28th November 2004 12pm GMT. - Alyssa Wright