The Mod Squad


When does modifying someone else's work become artmaking? What role does the Creative Commons play in preserving the Internet as a democratic medium? Selectparks is an international online community centered around creative manipulation of existing computer games, but its scope goes far beyond play. With media laboratories in Melbourne, Australia and Gotland, Sweden, Selectparks explores the conceptual parameters of the computer game - as medium of exchange, as performative expression, as virtual experience of place. The team includes founder Julian Oliver, Chad Chatterton, Andrea Blundell and Rebecca Cannon, among others, and the site is chock full of goodies for newbies and pros alike. You can download free games, tools and data, submit your own mods, check out the online tutorials, browse the archives, meet people in forums - this site takes days to explore. A few things are Mac-accessible only, which will leave some people with gaps, but other than that it's very fun and user-friendly. Didn't your mother always tell you it's nice to share? - Peggy MacKinnon