A Green Thumb in the White Cube


Los Angeles is a city that often produces two contradictory stereotypes in people's minds. There is an ideal version of the temperate Mediterranean metropolis by the Pacific. Then there is the dystopic image of an unsustainable uber-suburb where commuters wait for the apocalypse under the 24-7 haze of brown smog. As in all stereotypes, most of these images become more complicated, though never reconciled, upon closer inspection. A new exhibit entitled 'The gardenLAb Experiment' gives LA visitors and residents alike an opportunity to not just ponder these depictions, but to engage in the destruction and creation of representations of the city. Curators Fritz Haeg and Francois Perrin have assembled a rather large collection of artists, activists and architects in the equally large space of Art Center College of Design's new Wind Tunnel exhibition space. Aside from just viewing the installations and videos, more participatory experiences - including guided hikes by the LA Urban Rangers - are planned for every Saturday through the closing of the show on October 16. - Ryan Griffis