Coders, Start Your Engines!


Since when did hacking become a spectator sport? And in Salt Lake City yet! Well, mark your calendars: on September 17-18 coders from everywhere will crawl out of darkened basements to coagulate at Pilgrimage 2004, Utah's annual demo party. For those who don't know, the demoscene has its roots in the late 70s and early 80s, when software 'crackers' created a new art form by branding their own work with self-identifying, flourishing intros to the games they hacked. This year's Pilgrimage includes 'fast-made' competitions that happen live, in front of spectators, in everything from real-time 3d animation demos to electronic music compositions. But the event isn't just for pros - newbies can learn about combining art and technology, bring demos home to watch, create a video postcard, or take in patientzero's live electronic music wizardry. So log on and become a member of Orange Juice, their unofficial web portal, to let them know you're coming. Prizes, music, two days of partying with programmers, digital graphic artists and electronic musicians - what are you waiting for? - Peggy MacKinnon