A Gift of the Self


Tamara Lai's (FR) previous provocations include 'Art-Death,' asking 'How beautiful are we?' and proposing 'To make a portrait of God.' Now, Lai is offering a gift of herself with 'Sacrifice.' Everyone who contributes online work to 'Sacrifice'--classified as either a 'gift of the self' or 'a gift of the other'--before May 31st will receive a signed slice of the artist's virtual body. Gifts so far include portraits of artists as martyrs, meditations on the state of the world, a broken doll on the street, a broken child in a morgue, a paper boat on a wire mesh, two men debating on the choice of the sacrificial lamb--texts, images, animations and interactive works. Lai's own contribution employs explosive pop-up windows and links to sites discussing terrorism and free media. The collected offerings invite contemplation of all aspects of the concept of 'sacrifice;' who is making the sacrifice, what is being sacrificed, and why? A blog, 'BLOG HOST 'pour petits & grands sacrifices / for little & big sacrifices' is 'coming back soon' (I hope it hasn't been sacrificed! ) - Helen Varley Jamieson.