Chaos Computer Club hacker con begins in Berlin


Xeni Jardin: Jacob Appelbaum says,

On Tuesday, the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress begins -- it runs from December 27th to the 30th, and takes place at the Berliner Congress Center in Alexander Platz in Berlin. Joi Ito is giving the keynote (Link). I'm also speaking (Link). If you're in Berlin and you're interested in society, technology, the past, present or future, this is the place to be!

Link to event info.

Photo: outside the Chaos con (also known as 22c3) in Berlin, shot by Jacob. Flickr tags for more of his photos from the event: 22c3 and ccc.

Reader comment: Cory Ondrejka says,

I'll be speaking at 22c3 as well (Link). Should be an amazing conference, plus I'll be living on the bleeding edge with the first public demo of the Second Life client running on Linux.

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