new name for Net Art News?



Marisa Olson:

Dear readers,

I'm writing to solicit your advice. We would like to change the name of Net Art News and I'd like your input on a new name.

As Lauren mentioned in a recent note to you, Rhizome is currently redesigning our site. This is an exciting moment in which we are thinking about all the recent developments in our field and how Rhizome can reflect, support, and foster them.

On the editorial side, my goal with Net Art News has been to broaden our scope and reach, getting more international in our coverage and also covering not only internet art but also software art, performance, sound art, data visualization, technology-enabled social sculpture, locative media, video, and the myriad other branches of new media practice.

While we are by no means giving up on net art, the title Net Art News no longer reflects the breadth of the publication. The first and simplest title that comes to mind is 'Media Art News,' but of course this is potentially dry. I'm also not necessarily looking to split hairs over the phrases 'media art' and 'new media art.' The title needs to be rather short, self-descriptive, and hopefully also inviting.

What are your suggestions? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to refamiliarize yourself with Net Art News, you can look up previous pieces, by month, here:

With thanks,

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