Seductive Codes


Can code be sexy? Can the deep intimacies of code lead to personal trauma of the most exhilarating kind? Igor Stromajer (Slovenia), creator of the Intima Virtual Base, is convinced that code is the very manifestation of what our human imagination pursues in the state of desire, and has developed an extensive body of work based on his research into 'tactical emotional states' and 'traumatic low-tech strategies.' Military tactics are in fact a common theme throughout many of the works on the site, and the careful maneuvering of the code in a project such as Ballettikka Internettikka Part Two is likely to induce a traumatic state, if not in the human experiencing it then at least in the computer processing it. Stomajer's intoxication with code is not purely Dionysian, but the asceticism he claims for his own is only relative to the high technological complexities populating the rest of the net art world. Visit to experience his particular brand of low-tech solutions for inducing radical emotions. - Ophra Wolf