You've Got to Getaway!


Nathaniel Stern and Marcus Neustetter are getting their hands dirty along with a team of local Johannesburg programmers and sign-makers to stylistically markup the five websites targeted by their ongoing, a recent commission. Viewed through the getaway site, graphics occurring on fox news, google images,, solidarity and turbulence are postered over by handmade alternatives: scanned sketches, watercolors, and paintings depicting their digital originals. The information-heavy sites' texts and layouts are left intact; only the markers around them have been given paint jobs. Does this look like analog web design or its full-circle opposite? Regardless, completing the replacement, or helping it tread water, while, say, the google gif engine steams away, is a Sisyphisian objective that implores the participation of collaborators near and far. Login to's edit mode to upload your own restyled signs. - Kevin McGarry