My, Haven't You GROWN!


Claiming 1994 as the year 'the world wide web crept out of its scientific and academic egg' and triggered a web design explosion, the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam is celebrating the 10th birthday of web design, and everyone's invited. Don't worry if you can't make it to the conference (21-22 January)--there's an online Design Timeline where you can leave your birthday greetings. Log in and answer questions ranging from the difficult 'What is the first web site you remember?' and personal 'Have you ever been in love with someone you met online?,' to the more esoteric 'What do you think in the computer is real?' and the ridiculous 'Should there be rules for a web page in order to be allowed on the internet?.' As you may have guessed, anyone can contribute both questions and answers. It's an excellent procrastination tool, guaranteed to trigger a flood of memories--web design has indeed come a hell of a long way in its short life. During the conference the timeline will be exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum. It will continue online for a further six months, then will be archived and remain publicly available. - Helen Varley Jamieson