Sly vs. Sci


The Society of Biological Insurgents (SBI, pronounced 'spy') is 'an embryonic cell organization that seeks to overthrow institutions of compulsory gender.' Through distributed actions informed by the SBI Code of Operations, members align in small groups to invade, then metastasize throughout, the pathologizing corpus of modern clinical authority. During a recent PowerPoint debriefing to recruits at Foxy Production in New York, SBI founder Tara Mateik illustrated the five tenets comprising the Code of Operations, with some disruptions that have been deployed in the daily sphere. One, a sandpaper bookmark bearing the Code on its reverse, can be furtively shut between the pages of volumes needing to forget passages that restrain dynamic embodiments of gender. Another is a street intervention by which cells of biological insurgents can recognize and advertise their favorite sexual deviances, encoded in pink, red, black (etc.) handkerchiefs. SBI's tactical espionage-shtick simultaneously dismantles its targets from the inside-out and the outside-in, infecting oppressive codes with uprising bodies. - Kevin McGarry