Blog-In Movies


Launched on June 27th, Doron Golan's DVBlog presents a wide range of web-based cinema--artist projects, historic pieces and even relevant tutorials--indexed by categories such as "satire," "documentary odd" or "ephemera." A loose group of artists, among them Lew Baldwin, Yoshi Sodeoka, Tim Whidden and Golan, curate the site, straddling time and genre quite freely. The only stipulation is that the works be in Quicktime, a platform whose architecture Golan describes as "superior." To date, selections have included "Spamalogue" by Ze Frank, in which the humorist enacts a spam email message from an alleged government official who pleads for huge sums of money to be channeled quickly into his bank account, also seminal net cinema pieces like "Little Movies 2" by Lev Manovich and short videos by artists such as Scott Hessels and Peter Horvath. With so much cinematic variation, watching movies on the DVBlog is like skipping theaters in a multiplex--with no risk attached. At the same time, as each day passes, the bloggers are building a rich archive that distills salient concepts as well as fleeting ideas or attempts involved in this emerging form. - Lauren Cornell