Fourth Annual Select Media Festival:



Fourth Annual Select Media Festival
[ Insurgent Media Arts ]
October 20- October 30 / Chicago / U$A

Deadline for Submissions: - Sept 11, 2005

Select Media Festival is seeking shorts, documentaries, net based projects, audio projects, installations, publications, texts, presentations, video programs from individual creators and curators, performance and music projects, paintings and works on paper such as posters, stickers, street and agitprop arts of all sorts to share with audiences that will visit our insurgent media arts festival.

The festival kicks off October 20, 2005. This year our main hub will be the Iron Studios building in Bridgeport, Chicago. The 70,000+ sq ft factory space will feature multiple screening rooms, installations, exhibitions, performance programs and a Secret History of Chicago Museum. A neighborhood intervention, and multiple venues across the city of Chicago will host additional programs.

The theme of Select Media Festival 4 is Secret Histories
Project threads we are currently exploring:
· Secret histories of Chicago
· The Fake, Hoaxes and Pranks
· Manufactured Dissent / A Media Literacy
· Cultural Counterintelligence
· Experiments in Error

The festival components:
· Neighborhood arts walk in Bridgeport (Oct 22)
Exhibition: Return of the Community of The Future, Bridgeport: The Secret Histories.
· Performance: Live art, music programs
· Video and film programs
· Web Selections:
· Exhibition: The New Chicagoans
· Guest programs

Submission Guidelines:
Please contact us via email and/or send materials and submissions by post.
A 300-1000 word proposal, photos and any necessary materials may be submitted. media: Send urls to elisa(at)

Video: Moving image Entries may be produced on any film or video format, however they must be submitted on DVD (PAL and NTSC ), Mini DV (NTSC only), or VHS (NTSC only). Each film or video must be accompanied by a bio, description and stills.

Visual / Installation / Performance: Send digital slides or other documentation via email (ed(at) or to the festival submissions address.

Contact Address:
Select Media Festival
960 W 31st St
Chicago Il 60608
Cost of shipping to the festival is the responsibility of the entrant. Exhibition copies must be sent to the festival prepaid. All film reels, cans, videotapes and cases must be labeled with the title of the entry. The festival will not cover return shipping. Submission videos will not be returned. The festival cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit. Please use only plastic or bubble pack cases when shipping entries. SMF, Lumpen, and Public Media Institute may use images for promotion and display in all media.

Select Media Festival is an exploration of contemporary art and media in local and international artist communities. It is a project that is partially funded by Public Media Institute, a 501 3c non profit corporation. The festival promotes new work and supports artists and mediamakers via diverse programs presenting exhibitions, educational projects, interactive media, talks and lectures to youth and residents in communities in which the festival takes place.

The festival is a sister festival to Version ( which is also produced by Public Media Institute and Lumpen.

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