Daily Dose from the Dirty Librarian


If you're fretting because you've missed any or all of the Banff New Media Institute Summits, having taken place deep in the Canadian Rockies, fret no more: audio recordings of the best Banff discussions since 1995 are being broadcast during Archive Hour on pirate radio station Radio90. You can tune in online at 4pm GMT Monday through Thursday to hear presentations from speakers such as Sara Diamond, former Director of BNMI (now at the Ontario College of Art and Design), artist Thecla Shiphorst, Jean Gagon from the Daniel Langlois Foundation and Carl Goodman, Curator of Digital Media at the American Museum of the Moving Image. Archive Hour's mysterious facilitator, the Dirty Librarian, will select transmissions that probe topics such as the conservation of ephemeral artworks, contemporary curatorial concepts in new media, and, broadly, "technology, art and science." Listen by linking from the Radio 90 web site, and if you're lucky, someone else will be listening, too, who might join you for lively discussion in the accompanying chat room--where perhaps the Dirty Librarian will also make an appearance. - Helen Varley Jamieson