Total Eclipse of the Arts


A primary goal of SCANZ, short for Solar Circuit International New Media Workshop Residency Aotearoa New Zealand, is to connect the "solar circuit"--the northern and southern extremities of both hemispheres--as a translocal new media arts community. SCANZ encourages its residents--artists and curators--to engage with geography by producing projects in response to the environment--human, natural or technological--unique to Taranaki, where the host university, The Western Institute of Technology, is located. Dialogues like these offer relevant counterpoints to recent conversations around New Zealand's relative geographic isolation. The 2006 residency is to be held July 3rd - July 16th, and initial letters of interest are due to SCANZ by July 18th, 2005, after which a select few will be invited to elaborate their project proposals during the fall. So, get interested and complete the circuit! - Kevin McGarry