Loose Knit Jewels


'Fake is the New Real,' a website of homegrown miscellany coming from Chicago, is encyclopedic entertainment; in other words: just what the Internet is supposed to be, right? Goofy and clever, the collection traffics in random nuggets of processed information. Catalogues, hypotheses, and 'very low quality jpegs,' are presented alongside proposals for political re-districting. Each idea is simple and graphical, yet a collective complexity is evident in these numerous political maps, of the Electoral College, nuclear capable nations, world transit systems drawn to scale and Chicago, mile by mile. Reminiscent of Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz's December 10, 2001 'New Yorker' cover--aka New Yorkistan--in 'Electoral College Reform,' the U S of A is divided into 50 equally populated parcels. The page that would ordinarily be named 'Links' has been dubbed 'It's the Song I Hate,' among other monikers, and it is the real deal! - Sara Greenberger