Do Not Exist (by June 23rd)


In a move sure to rankle essentialist feminists and politically-minded humanists, Bremen, Germany's Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor has announced a call for contributions to a "transdisciplinary European project" premised on the following question: "Is it possible to speak of the non-existence of what is labeled 'Europe,' 'Woman,' or 'Digital Medium,' and does this open up a 'new' perspective in thinking and behavior?" Co-organized by Tallinn's Estonian Academy of Arts and Ljubljana, Slovenia's Institutum Studorium Humanitatis (ISH), the broadly deconstructionist project--called "Do Not Exist: Europe, Woman and the Digital Medium"--is inviting proposals from women artists, theorists, journalists, and activists for its symposia and exhibitions of film, video, and net art. The organizers hope to bring gender, politics, and media art into confrontation with each another, and to do so "in full recognition of a female perspective, allowing the querying of the non-existence of woman from a female point of view." How could a "female point of view" exist in a Woman-less world, you might ask? Put in your two cents, to, by June 23rd. - Andy Comer