Google's Last Bite


Will Google morph into the next Yahoo?! With the advent of Gmail, Google Groups, Google Maps, My Google and talks of Finance, Weather, Personals and Classifieds, the once bare-bones search engine is setting its sights on information hegemony. Noticing and countering this monopolistic eventuality is an artist group in Italy with their web-based project, GWEI (Google Will Eat Itself). The project exists as a typical E-commerce website that hosts Google Ad-Sense advertisements. With every page visit the site receives, it generates revenues from Google through the ads. Since Google is a publicly traded company, the money generated from the ads on the site are then used to buy Google shares. The end goal of the project? To turn enough profit from the ads to buy shares and eventually own the web's most popular search engine. So start clicking and we'll see if the plan will work! - Jonah Brucker-Cohen