Crisis or Opportunity?


CRISIS showcases the results of 6 micro-residencies by artists laurie halsey brown, Rob Kennedy, Manu Luksch, Sophia New, Miranda Whall, and Spencer Roberts & Anneke Pettican at Newcastle-based ISIS Arts. Embracing time-based formats such as evolving web archive, video, slide projection and news feed topography, much of the work derives its force from the instability of our media lifeworld--CCTV, 24-hour satellite news channels--and the teeming recombinations it affords. Manu Luksch's 'Faceless Online' is a video-in-process documenting a society populated by faceless humans. Their omni-surveilled reality is ruptured one day when a journalist finds that she does have a face, a cogent metaphor for the moment you realize you are on camera. halsey brown, meanwhile, takes on the built environment, in her Welkom to Rotterdam!, a website about the city with the densest concentration of architects of anywhere, and anywhere but Rotterdam is where these architects prefer to build. The projects all mine the subliminal slipstream of data overload with narrative schemas and affective logics that reveal it to be fragile--created and creative. - Marina Vishmidt