Rhizome Promotion: Hosting Prognosis


Multiple Personalities got you down? These days it seems everyone's wearing many hats online, from their blogs to their dayjobs, their art to their aliases. Rhizome's got the perfect remedy for your identity crisis: Aggregate your many projects on a single site served by Broadspire, Rhizome's trusty host. Broadspire now offers you affordable web services and a chance to drop a dime in our donation box by mentioning 'Rhizome.org' on your registration form. Check out the vital signs on their starter plan... For a low $65 annual payment, you'll get 350MB disk storage, 1GB data transfer a month, POP email, free setup, and daily content back-ups. They also offer larger plans for those whose lives split in more bandwidth-heavy directions. As a special thank-you for signing up, Rhizome will link to your URL and the name or alias of your choice on our front page. Any doctor would approve of this prescription! - Rhizome.org