November on -empyre- soft-skinned space : Whispering in the Dark


Christina McPhee:

November on -empyre-: Whispering in the Dark with the collective
Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (US)

Whispering in the Dark,

-- conspiratorial incantations. Theory making sense of the place
you’re stumbling around in.

For November 2005, -empyre- is pleased to invite the Journal's
perspectives on the commodification of theoretical discourses.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is painfully aware of the ex- appropriation of localizable discourses due to an international art
market that imagines itself uncritically de-centered and is ever
hungry for newly displaced objects and meanings. New Media itself is
one of the main conduits for this emptied out experience of culture.
With this discussion we would like to investigate a different way to
frame discourse.

How can a discourse not be tied to the expression or promotion of
particular industrial technologies? How has and how can we reframe
the category of new media? How does new media and new media discourse
impact communities and social justice?

How does the commodification of discourse influence understandings of
tactical media's possibilities?


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