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SPN "from Scenography to Planetary Network": an entity of creations, publications, conferences, installations and performances presented by Franck Ancel, in question over contemporary time: the last creation of 2005, in real time via wireless web, via satellite, at an altitude of 30000 feet, more than 900 kilometers per hour, to Tokyo or Shanghai, in the year celebrating France in China and the exhibition of Aichi in Japan.

In the continuation of his triptych AIT in France "Architecture - Image - Technology", these communications prepare for further rendez-vous. Ancel now inhabits the planetary space of technology to fall into and under the reality of the imaginary; a World Fair or a World Tour... like the Solarimpulse plane or like the city of Shanghai between the now and 2010.

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Running the planet!

(1) Europa - Amsterdam 09.24.05
http://culturebase.org/home/struppe k/Homepage/urbanscreens_program.html
(2) America - Banff 09.30.05
(3) Africa - coming soon
(4) Oceania - Sydney 12.02.05
(5) Asia - to Tokyo or Shanghai - End of 2005

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