Catch My Drift


Brian Holmes is driven by his own brand of 'geophilosophical desire' for change, and on September 12, the renowned North American art critic, translator, and activist will begin channeling his ambition into an experimental seminar on 'Continental Drift.' The week-long series of discussions, to be held at New York's artist-run 16 Beaver and webcast online, seeks to chart the related processes of globalization and 'continentalization,' on several scales. On the macro level, Holmes will focus on the economics and politics of nascent blocs such as NAFTA and the EU. But he also hopes to shed light on the effects of these post-national powers on individual subjectivities. To this end, Holmes will address the role of art and activism in the effort to redraw regional maps, examining the various 'microcartographies of difference, dissent, deviance, and refusal' that have arisen in response to the consolidation of multi-states. Drawing on his own critical work and on the theories of Felix Guattari, Subcomandante Marcos, and many others, Holmes is sure to forge a new and urgently-needed continental philosophy for a swiftly networking planet. In keeping with 16 Beaver's stated goals, his seminar will represent a 'point of many departures.' Established and aspiring drifters are encouraged to participate in person or by logging on to relocate their own geopolitical aims. - Ramsey McGlazer