Normalized is a project by Andreas M���¸lgaard (RCA), Mikkel Fredborg and Lasse Cleveland. Normalized is a place for exploration and relaxation. This game like environment has no beginning and end, there are no objectives, simply explore and listen. This synthetic environment was influenced by nature and the outdoors.

The level was constructed of structured boxes in 3D Studio Max. The boxes were then twisted, turned and squashed, thrown together at will and taken apart with deliberate imprecission. Created in BlitzMax (3D game engine based on the Basic programming language).

The sound engine allowed filtering and fade depends on distance and obstruction between the user and sound source. “The sounds were all build from scratch using 4 band wave generators and a lot of filtering. My main aim was to merely represent real sounds from nature, to support the representative stylized and artificial feeling of the visuals while as accuratly as possible sound like nature”.

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