TONIGHT! MoMA: MediaScope: An Evening with Ou Ning


when:Mon 12.11 (8pm)
where:MoMA (11 W 53rd St, 212.708.9400)

It's a disheartening story familiar to city residents: the government declares imminent domain and a historic neighborhood is leveled in the name of modernization. Documentary filmmaker and graphic designer Ou Ning and artist Cao Fei co-produced the Da Zha Lan Project, which chronicles the fate of Beijing's historic quarter and its residents as the city renovates in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. Situated near Tiananmen Square, Da Zha Lan was a throwback to the days of the Emperor's rule, with winding streets and traditional restaurants, but has become home to the city's poor because of unsanitary conditions. Artist, activist, and lecturer, Ou Ning has taken the Da Zha Lan Project on the road to discuss the film. ~

Dedicated to experimentation with cinematic form and content, MediaScope presents emerging and recognized artists who discuss their work with the audience. The program explores filmmaking and videomaking, as well as Web-based, installation, and digital art practices.

MediaScope is organized by Sally Berger, Assistant Curator; Jytte Jensen, Curator; Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator; and Joshua Siegel, Assistant Curator, Department of Film; and Barbara London, Associate Curator; Department of Media.

MediaScope is supported by Jennifer McSweeney. Special thanks to First Run Features.

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