Interact With Intrigue, at NYU


Twice a year, a giant loft in New York's Greenwich Village becomes a playground for those interested in interactive installations, physical computing, design, and other rendezvous between art and technology. In fact, on most days, the level of play is still quite high, here in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) Program. The department was 'founded in 1979 as the first graduate education program in alternative media,' and continues to be a haven for artists, technologists, and the theorists who love them. At the end of each semester, a show of student work is mounted, and the projects never cease to push boundaries, engage, and amuse. The 2006 Winter show, happening this Sunday & Monday, promises to continue this tradition. The list of project titles promises Hypothetical Drawings About the End of the World, An Alien Rube Goldberg Device in 3D, a Gossip Box, Pop-Up Interactive Clothes, and Luscious Electric Delight, plus dozens more projects. So bring your appetite for treats analog and digital, or surf the project pages from afar. - Marisa Olson