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Move over Ze Frank, legendary experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas is gearing up to start an ambitious video podcast project in 2007. Mekas plans to make a 3-7 minute video each day of year that will be available as a free podcast download. The content will most likely be in the personal diary style the artist has developed over his long career. -- A style which often includes hand-held cameras, voice overs, and music; is often set in New York City; and is always brilliantly edited and ineffably poetic. As with his previous work, which is smattered with guest appearances by the artists' famous friends (John Lennon, Allen Ginsberg) the new podcast is rumored to have guest spots by the likes of Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch! Follow the link below to get a glimpse of Mekas' past films and subscribe to his newsletter for announcements on the upcoming podcast. - Rick Silva