Rhizome Promotion: Happy Hosting


What were your new year's resolutions, this year? If they included introducing yourself to the world wide web or perhaps expanding your existing online presence, then Rhizome has an offer for you. Thanks to a partnership with Broadspire, we offer affordable web hosting plans with a variety of options that will make setting up virtual shop in 2006 easier than singing Auld Lang Syne. For a low $65 annual payment, you'll get 350MB disk storage, 1GB data transfer a month, POP email, free setup, and daily content back-ups. Broadspire also offers roomier plans and a range of options for those whose 2006 ambitions are slightly larger. So realize your resolutions early this year by signing up with Broadspire and uploading those art works, writings, bottled-up opinions, photo feeds, or vlogging impulses, today! Each sign-up will drop a dime in the Rhizome donation box, and we'll say thank you by listing your name and URL on our front page, alongside supporters from years past! - Rhizome.org