Floating Points 3: Ubiquitous Computing, Spring 2006



Floating Points 3: Ubiquitous Computing February 8 and March 15, 2006 Emerson College and Live Online

Emerson College and New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./Turbulence.org announce a new speaker series, "Floating Points 3" [FP3] that will address the subject of "Ubiquitous Computing" or "Ubicomp", where computing and wireless capabilities are so integrated into the fabric of everyday life (clothing, cars, homes, and offices) that the technologies recede into the background and become indistinguishable from everyday activities.

[FP3] will consist of two moderated panel discussions, one on February 8 and the other on March 15. The first will focus on artist-thinkers who work collaboratively with research teams--including scientists--to produce environments and systems that respond to the human presence; it will include Mark Goulthorpe, Susan Kozel and Chris Salter. For the second panel, we have invited artist-thinkers who question and confront the ongoing development of technical objects and work creatively to subvert them, for instance, the ever-enlarging practice of surveillance and data mining. Our guests will be Adam Greenfield, Beatriz da Costa and Brooke Singer (Preemptive Media), and Michelle Teran.

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