Zev Robinson:

just to be clear, no I'm not downplaying a programmers part in creating
anything, and, also I'm not outsourcing the programming. Adrian Marshall and
I collaborate on our projects with a lot of testing things out, back and
forth on ideas, how it is working, etc.

I know people who outsource their paintings, let assistants make all sorts
of decisions including what colors to use, and then claim it as their own,
and sell it for a lot of money. Movies and medival cathedrals are huge
collaborative efforts, with various people contributing their various areas
of expertise. Some photographers insist on doing their own
developing/darkroom work, others are happy to let others do it for them.

It's a question of choices and priorities. So how you, Dirk, Pall, or anyone
else, are, what you do, or create, is up to you, but doesn't mean that it
should apply to anyone else. I may find something interesting or not, I
might like something or not, but it's the variety of approaches that is

I've also had repeated experiences with works of art over the years, mainly
paintings that I go back to look at, but also music, literature, films. Each
time my perception of them is different, so in that sense there is no

I'm also not sure if true randomness exists or not, or if it's all
fate/destiny, or a combination of the two. But much, much better pseudo
randomness than pseudo certainty.


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