Paul Murnaghan is offering to sell part of his memory capacity. This is in order to create a monument* to the recollections of any interested party. Individuals that wish to preserve the memory of some moment, person or obsession should get in contact with Murnaghan at one of the contacts below. A meeting will be arranged where the memorious content will be communicated and stored in the artist’s brain. Due to the fallibility of the human memory and its continual exposure to contaminating influences, the substance of the monument may corrupt over time. The possibility of pollution by other experiences is seen as an inevitable part of this process. No test of recall or future examination will be entered into.
A text version of the memory will be wax sealed inside of a certificate of authentication. The sole copy will be offered to the purchaser as a precise record of the content of the described recollection. The monumentalizing of this content does not bear witness to its validity or act as ‘evidence of truth’ within the inherent material.

E: mail -AT- T: 00353 1 4542254
*Monument fee is determined by purchaser.
Offer is valid 14 - 28 January 2006 only.

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