REMINDER: Lenka Dolanova on the Vasulkas tonite


REMINDER: Lenka Dolanova on the Vasulkas tonite @ Messhall in CHI IL .US FREE + OPEN

tonite @ Messhall criticalartware is facilitating a presentation by
Lenka Dolanova on the experimental Media Artists collaborative Woody
+ Steina Vasulka:

Woody + Steina Vasulka have been active in the experimental Media
Artists, Video Art + New Media for nearly 40 years + are, as Lenka
Dolanova writes, committed to "openness to incoming information and
self-transformation through dialog with the machine." Their work
operates from an ethics of sharing and exchange that anticipated the
Open Source movement as well as involving early forms of hardware
hacking, analog computing + machine coding systems to create artware
tools. Dolanova will discuss the Vasulkas art works in relation to
revolutionary politics, access to the tools of production, personal
transformation through technology + hystories of alternative art spaces.


"I want to point to the primary level of codes, notably the binary
code operation, as a principle of imaging and image processing. This
may require accepting and incorporating this primitive structure (the
binary code) into our views of literacy, in the form of binary
language, in order to maintain communication with the primary
materials at all levels and from any distance. The dramatic moment of
the transformation into a binary code of energy events in time, as
they may be derived from light, or the molecular communication of
sound, or from a force field, gravity, or other physical initiation,
has to be realized, in order to appreciate the power of the
organization and transformation of a code."


title: A Syntax of Binary Images dvr: Woody Vasulka date: 1978 uri:


join us for a BYOB Potluck Dinner @ 6 PM + Lenka Dolanova's
presentation @ 7:30 PM. Messhall is located @ 6932 North Glenwood
Avenue CHI IL 60626. if you take the el, take the Red Line North to
the Morse stop in Rogers Park + then Mess Hall is just South of the
Morse exit on Glenwood:

hope to see you there

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