Milan Goes Digital


Mixed Media is an international showcase of digital, architectural, and audiovisual art taking place in Milan from the 25th to the 28th of May. Not intended as an exhaustive overview of the different fields composing the new media art scene, instead the project positions itself as a space of dialogue, through the organization of exhibitions, meetings, seminars, concerts, and both visual and sonic environments. The new media art program, curated by Silvio Mondino, will feature several installations and software-based works by artists such as Jim Campbell, Aether Architecture, Lemur, Osman Khan, Interaction Design Lab, dotdotdot, Lia, Dextro, Jared Tarbell, Robert Hodgin, Meta, Toxi, Alessandro Capozzo, and Fabio Franchino. The architecture program will be presented through an online exhibition aiming at exploring the relationships between architectural design and digital technologies. And during the three evenings over which the Mixed Media events span, the audiovisual section will showcase the experimental practices put together under the umbrella of live multimedia performance. All of this great work, presented in Italy's coolest city, makes Mixed Media a must-see. - Luis Silva