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Tabula Visum:
Tabular Vision &
HTML Cinema

By Patrick Lichty
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The digital image, static and dynamic, has often been represented as a 'translated' image, reinterpreted from an intermediate image file stored on the web. These images and video, although beginning with these files, have been translated to pure HTML code, and exist only as webpage code, and nothing else. In this way, they represent a very 'direct' method of representation in the browser.

In addition, there is an added time-based element that happens when the tables load into the browser, adding another time-based dimension to the pieces. In this way, even the time-based pieces of tabular serial imagery, or "HTML Cinema" have two dimensions of time; the one of the load, and the other of the serial.

Many of these images are excerpts from my wristcam photography/video works, which again translate well into these low-resolution images. Most of these pages. after conversion to pure code, were large enough to be unmanageable except in text editors. Therefore, while some of the images are the result of conversion, the final images are a hybrid of code and console handicraft by the artist.

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