A Field Guide to Electromagnetic Species


From WiFi to Bluetooth, the last decade has become a race to colonize and occupy various radio waves in the hopes of making our lives ever more convenient. In dense metropolitan centers especially, there is an invisible electromagnetic world seething not unlike a vast wilderness of unknown animals and plant life. Merging botany, zoology, and technology, Norweigen artist Ingeborg Marie Dehs envisions fictional species for six different forms of radio waves based on their scientific and technical properties and usage in his charming project, The Bubbles of Radio. The concept developed within the course Tangible Interactions at the AHO school in Norway, in conjunction with Touch , "a research project that investigates Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and physical things". Each radio wave species is drawn in a style evoking the futurism of classic science fiction and the whimsy of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales. Fittingly, Ingeborg also hand crafted a pocket field-guide of the illustrations, that evidently even smells like "an age-old guide to flora and fauna," as well as a downloadable poster. While each depiction is technically informed, the greater purpose is to make visible a phenomenon normally relegated to our other senses. It is a stunning and imaginative reminder of the unseen man-made ecosystem that we inhabit and navigate daily. - David Michael Perezhttp://nearfield.org