Location One: Katia Kameli and Kuba Bakowski -- Wednesday, December 12, 6 - 8PM


Kuba Bakowski

Location One is happy to present new work by two artists, Katia Kameli and Kuba Kaowski, participating in the International Residency Program.

With "Draft", Katia Kameli continues her investigation into key issues that drive her film, video and installation practice, namely the construction of intersecting identities in a globalized world, hybridization, the notion of intercultural spaces and awareness of psychogeographical effects...

Kuba Bakowski's quasi bio-mechanical body of work examines the duality between real and artificial as generated by digital media, with an approach that is in part utopian and ironic, often tinged with a perverse sense of humor. For this exhibition, the artist creates “video machines” which produce distinctive audio-visual energy and that he groups under the title Nothing More Happens Than Has To Happen...


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