Even Boring Blogs Are Things of Beauty in Some Artists' Eyes by Andrew LaVallee (WSJ)


The Wall Street Journal covers internet art in today's edition. Guthrie Lonergan, Marisa Olson, Paul Slocum and Cory Arcangel are mentioned; Marcin Ramocki's exhibition 'Blogger Skins' as well as an upcoming online show by Rhizome are touched upon, amongst other topics; and Paddy Johnson, blogger of Art Fag City, is also quoted.

See below for excerpt:

The Web is full of content that only its creator could love. Witness the office-party photos, blogs about people's pets and bad lip-synched videos that turn up in a few minutes of Google-fueled procrastination.

To Guthrie Lonergan, however, Web junk is the basis of his most popular online art. "I'm sort of interested in that boringness," he says.

"Internet Group Shot" is one example. The collage, cobbled from dozens of group portraits, shows how people adopt the same huddle when they're saying "cheese." For "MySpace Intro Playlist," Mr. Lonergan looked for the self-made videos that young people post to their personal pages, then strung them together to show how teenagers tend to act similarly and say the same things when they're introducing themselves.

"There are defaults in our culture," Mr. Lonergan adds. "MySpace doesn't set up something for you to create an introduction video, but kind of like a telephone answering machine, you assume a certain kind of voice and say certain things."


Image above is taken from article, and described as 'A zoom of Guthrie Lonergan's "Internet Group Shot"'

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