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Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Our programs, many of which happen online, serve and spotlight an incredibly dynamic community of artists and innovators year-round. At the end of each year, we turn back to you, our readers, participating artists, critics and entrepreneurs, and ask that you support us by becoming a member during our annual Community Campaign, which ends midnight December 31st, 2007. This year, our goal is $30,000--an amount required to produce our online programs in 2008 and develop them in the directions that our community has asked for. Greater online participation, expanded editorial coverage, larger commission grants--we can only fulfill these important requests with your support. Please become a member today for $25--or make a higher-level donation and receive an exciting limited edition artwork as a thank-you gift. Besides these perks, becoming a member will provide vital support to our efforts and our mission in 2008. Help us ring in the new year on solid ground! Give today. We need you. -- Rhizome

Image from Adriaan Stellingwerff's Eternal Sunset (2006), a Rhizome Commission