lectures online! last night i watched a lecture by johnathon keats, a conceptual artist who tried to genetically engineer god.

Since its inception in Spring 1997, the Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium at UC Berkeley has presented numerous evening lectures from invited artist and media theorists. Through its international mailing list, web pages and posters, the series has established an international reputation for fostering intellectual dialogue at the intersection of Art, Technology, and Culture. Ken Goldberg (Professor, College of Engineering) initiated this lecture series with Kevin Radley (Art Practice).

Since 2001, BAM/PFA's Conversations program, in collaboration with the Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, has been proud to produce and present this online video archive of Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium talks

These talks are available in both QuickTime video format, for watching online, and MP3 audio format, for downloading and listening offline.

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