The Year In The Internet 2006!!


Best of the web 2006!!

Michael Bell-Smith and Cory Arcangel just put up The Year in the Internet 2006 including lists by:

David Moore and Nicholas Reville of The Participatory Culture Foundation

Artist/Curator Marisa Olson

Neil Freeman of Fake is the New Real

Internet User Travis Hallenbeck

Artist/Musician/Blogger Tom Moody

Editor/Writer/Former Videogame Designer/ boss Simon Carless

Artist/Internet User Guthrie Lonergan

Computer Programmer Cory Arcangel and Curator Hanne Mugaas

Artist/Musician Michael Bell-Smith

Web Developer/Internet User Brett O'Connor

DJ/Blogger/Music Journalist Nick Barat

Artist John Michael Boling

Critic/Writer/Curator Ed Halter

Artist/Blogger Charles Broskoski

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