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Will Pappenheimer:

Digital Art Weeks Festival 2007 (DAW07)
July 9 - July 14, 2007
ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
The Digital Art Weeks is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. It consists of a symposium, workshops, and performances. The program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology. Artists and researchers will examine the use of electronic media in articulating the performer's presence through the possibilities of the multi-sensuality of electronic media. The possibility of blurring the divide between public and performer to bond them through the powers of dissemination and inclusion inherent within the technology used will also be considered. The organizers of the Digital Art Weeks at ETH Zurich seek papers, posters, and performances on themes specific to performance using electronic media. We seek proposals that explore a concept of the Performative Surround in terms of how computer-mediated communication and dialog takes place between performers and viewers and how it tends to aid in dissolving the divide between performer and viewer.
PERFORMANCES topics include:
Media Enhanced Artwork in the areas of Performance, Dance and Sound-Art
Mobile Art & Music that explore Performer Networking and Audience Participation
Digital Puppetry including Enhanced, Waldo, Motion Capture, and Machinima
Laptop Music including Live-Coding, Live-Cinema & Live-Re-Scoring
Installations involving Net-poetry computer mediated communication
Current Research and Innovations in Media Enhanced Artwork and Technology
Issues Concerning the Live-Electronic Re-Embodiment of the Performance Artist
Approaches to Performer Networking and Audience Participation using Technology
Technology and Aesthetics of Digital Puppetry
Approaches to Live-Coding, Live-Cinema & Live-Re-Scoring
Novel Software Paradigms for Mixed-Media Processing and Authoring
PANEL topics include:
Software Innovations in Mediated Communication and the Arts
Live Cinema, Expanded Video, and Film Rescoring
Immersive Audio and Video Space
The Dissolve of the Performer-Audience Divide
Networking the Private Space-Pubic Space Divide
* Digital Puppetry from Enhanced to Machinima
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