06 cya


Nerdz Rising 06

Cory Archangel at Team

Jessica Ciocci at Foxy Production

Michael Bell-Smith at Foxy Production

Paul Slocum at Vertex List

Tom Moody at Artmoving Projects

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy at Postmasters

Straight up Net Art


punk rock 101

Toni Burlap

With Elements of Web 2.0

Weather Gauge

Tracking Transience

Oil Standard, Greasemonkey conversion of US Dollars to Barrels of Oil



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Lambs In Ascension

Tracking Transience



My Digital Pog Page

Some Other Good Stuff (Lots of MOMA for some reason)

Dada at MOMA

Ã��…But I was CoolÃ��, Jerry Gant, Robert Pruitt and Dread Scott at Aljira

Lee Walton at Conflux

Noah Lyon at 33 Bond Street

Herzog & de Meuron at MOMA

Douglas Gordon at MOMA

8 Bit at MOMA

On and Off at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Nicole Eisenman at Leo Koenig Inc.

The Downtown Show at The Grey Art Gallery

Update: (aka oh, yeah)
Strange Powers at Creative Time

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