Game Arcade


Game Arcade consists of four game machines which reproduce interactive game surfaces known from the digital world with the help of solely analogue and/or mechanical projectors. Inside the installations are modified 8mm film- and slide projectors. The game surfaces are created on 8mm film and projected as film-loops. The interaction or navigation happens mechanically or by buttons and switches.

The four games count Racer, Pixelblaster, Shoot the Monster and Pixel Slot Machine. Racer is a classic car racing game. In Pixelblaster players must control a small robot and make sure it steers clear of bullets falling from above. In Pixel Slot Machine, the player has to harmonize a set of symbols in a pre-set time, and in Shoot the Monster the aim of the game is to eliminate various malicious characters by burning images out of a film strip. The latest addition to the collection of analogue game machines is the installation High Noon which combines analogue technologies with mobil phones.

Game Arcade is created by Mobileskino, a group of four Super8 enthusiasts who sees working with Super8 as a way of confronting the tension between modern media and what is seen as retro or old. In their work they focus on the fact that each technology has its own characteristics which makes it artistically unique, and Game Arcade is their artistic answer to the discourse about analogue and digital media.

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Game Arcade consists of four game machines which are made entirely by using analogue and mechanical technologies.

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