Explosive Political Spectacles!


Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung's work combines internet art, interactive installation, video, sound, and performance art. Born in Hong Kong, he studied art in San Francisco, where this blending of genres has become a genre of its own, and he now lives primarily in New York City. Overlapping and juxtaposition are, in fact, at the heart of Hung's work. His large-scale images are rich collages that represent elaborate tableaus. Like his humorous videos and often DIY installations, the images Hung constructs are allegorical in form and create semi-fictional relationships between political figures, corporations, and other mass media iconography. For instance, his recent video, 'Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People,' merges internet imagery and original animation with 80s pop and psychedelic graphics to situate George W. Bush and the members of his cabinet in relationship to American pop cultural figures ranging from Britney Spears and the cast of the TV show Friends, to Terminator to Lord of the Rings. Ultimately, the work comments on the spectacle of political rhetoric--something Hung is clearly skilled at dissecting and reassembling. His website is a treasure trove of smart, funny work. - Marisa Olson