Good Morning Mongoloids


LX 2.0 is a new on line gallery, hosted by Lisbon's Galeria Lisboa 20 and directed by Portuguese curator Luis Silva. Lx 2.0 series of commissions to artists that have been making a name within the international new media art scene is already marking the field. After being inaugurated with Santiago Ortiz's 'NeuroZappingFolks,' the LX 2.0 program now hosts rising stars Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, who present 'Morning of the Mongoloids.' The piece embraces the aesthetics consistently pursued by YHCHI members Young-Hae Chang and Marc Voge, as distinguished by Flash-based animations comprised solely of text written in black on a white background, sometimes accompanied by voiceovers and jazz music. In this work, the duo narrates--both in Portuguese and English--the experience of a Western white man who, after a night of partying, wakes up in an unknown place, only to realize that he's in Seoul, Korea, speaking Korean, and has become Korean. Via this narrative, the artists portray the prejudices prevailing within the West regarding Eastern people. Revealing the biased visions of both populations towards each other, they thus examine the cultural conflict existing between these regions that is escalating due to the migratory fluxes from Eastern countries to Europe and the US. As with their previous work, 'Morning of the Mongoloids' addresses this heavy topic with a humorously light, yet ironic approach. - Miguel Amado