VJam Theory - Our Third Small Project


VJam Theory - Our Third Small Project

This small project aims at extending the discussions, started with the Let’s Chat sessions, in time and depth. Instead of a chat room, where conversations happen in the moment and at a quick pace, this time we are using blogs to let the discussion flow more reflectively.

With these Small Projects we aim at experimenting, with ways of writing as community, using the available tools online. For this project, a group of moderators, by posting to the blog as a single user, build a collective text.

We would like to invite you to join the blog as visitor by commenting on each post. Comments require registration.

Themes for each blog:
July: The performer
August: The performance
September: Interactors, audiences and participators

Any media supported by the blog is allowed. You should reference, in your comments, all information including your own work as rigorously as possible.

At the end of the project, three collective texts will be made by distinct groups of collaborators. The blogs will be closed and the resultant texts (main body and comments) compiled and available online at the VJ Theory website. We are also looking at ways to publish the finished texts elsewhere.

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