Museums in Libya 2.0


After several months of intense and exciting work, the project Museums in Libya 2.0 ( is already available on the Internet.

lamusediffuse is a nonprofit research group proposing the use of Social Web tools for the inclusion of non-dominant cultural expressions in the scopes of culture diffusion on the Internet. Accordingly with this objective, the project “Museums in Libya 2.0” is focused on two starting facts, the first is the lack of information about Libyan museums available in the website of the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) ( and the second is the apparent lack of museum websites in this country. As a consequence of this, the objective of our project has been overcoming both realities through the following actions,

Overcoming the gaps of Web 1.0 by using a methodology based on Web 2.0 tools as a flexible, interactive and participative alternative option of information exchange,
Proving Social Web academic usefulness and its tools as a valid and effective research tool,
Palliating the lack of contents on Libyan museums on AFRICOM website by compiling, contrasting and structuring the information available on the Internet about the subject,
Elaborating a reference map where gathering and locating the museums of Libya,
Raising awareness about the online institutional forgetfulness situation of Libyan Museums at the present time in comparison with others in the rest of the world,
Creating a methodological model for small museums and museums of developing countries or under conflict situations, reasonable in economic and maintenance terms,
Encouraging museum professionals to Web 2.0 tools use as an economic, simple and effective solution to overcome any lack of computer science personnel or tools and digital technology,
Emphasizing the importance and role of the Jamahiriya Museum of Tripoli and improving its online visibility for both international and local audiences,
* Finally, creating a reference document on the Libyan museums that will be published under a Creative Commons license of attribution and for noncommercial use,

You can find more details about this project on lamusediffuse's website (

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