Time For Some Art Speak


Time-based art has a long history and its pulse continues to tick, as they say. As diverse as time-based media may now be, it tends to lack much mystery (afterall, time--like space--is something we humans have studied... forever), except in the occasional narrative reliance on 'mystery' as a structuring element, and as such the medium is ripe for problematizing. This is precisely the accomplishment of Time Travelers, an exhibition and major spectacle of a panel discussion curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin at Polvo, a Chicago-based alternative space founded by the Polvo artist collective. Winger-Bearskin's curatorial statement stakes out the show's territory, in declaring, 'Time Travelers recognizes that NEW MEDIA has incorrectly been identified as the repository for all art technologies utilizing a video camera, a computer, and an electrical outlet, but insists that as artists, first and foremost, we can use any f*&%@!’n media we want!' Included in the exhibition are emerging artists Artur Augustynowicz, Christopher Borkowski, Dietmar Krumery, Donata Napoli, and others, including the curiously-named artist(s) Haircuts by Robots and Universe of Junk. Last week, the space hosted a discussion on the present themes, which paradoxically predetermined, 'Each time a loaded art word is used, two or more universes will be created in which differing ideas become the dominate paradigm.' [Sic.] The self-described 'ridiculous blend of word-salad artspeak' no doubt dribbles over into the Free Manifestos advertised on Polvo's website. Look into the exhibition any time between now and July 28. - James Petrie