26th-28th July 2007
Starting time: 8pm
Quartiere Fieristico, Galatina (Le)

The StreamFest is the first international new media festival in South-East Italy, an event whose aim is to present the creative applications of the most advanced technologies in the Salento, an Italian region selected as a special location for the European cultural summer.
Running from the 26th to the 28th of June 2007, the Fair District of Galatina will host a sample of interactive installations and audiovisual experimentations by some of the forerunner of a research path which tends to conjugate images and music through the creation of VJ sections stretching beyond the usual modalities of live concerts and music videos.
Among the internationally acclaimed protagonists, the StreamFest will present the already historical HASCII CAM from Jaromil, the free radio war experience of Cecile Landman with SteamTime, the ambient installation of Scenocosme, the Italo-austrian duo with Salentinian roots, Casaluce-Geiger, the music of North-Europe with Lacklaster from Finland and Felix Randomix together with Carsten Schultz from Germany. The Italian VJ scene is represented, among others, by Flxer, Kinotek and Claudio Sinatti. During the StreamFest, a project created by the Master in Digital Environment of the NABA-Milan will also be presented.

StreamFest is a project of the Cultural Association “sud-eStream” (art director Antonio Rollo, with the consulency of Carlo Infante and the Performing Media Lab, Luca Barbeni from the Share Festival, and Giulia Mainent) in collaboration with Ente Fiera Salento S.p.a, supported by Regione Puglia, and with the patronage of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce and ITAS “G. Deledda” in Lecce.

The first edition of the StreamFest looks towards the future of the Salento region with the awareness that it is possible to conjugate technological development and the love for nature harmonizing the electronic nights of the StreamFest and the days spent by the sea in the typical Salentinian mood.
The party atmosphere traditionally characterizing the Salentinian nights can be translated in a contemporary note through the multisensorial partecipation and emotional involvement which are the aim of the artistic researches about multimediality.
The VJ and Dj sets of the StreamFest are going to be populated by the new authors of the interactions between sound and image, who, like shamans, manipulate electronic visions for emotionally involved spectators in search of new proposals.

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