Blogumenta opens today


Initiated by Robert Labossiere, Blogumenta is a response to the confluence of super-sized art events taking place in Europe at the moment: the Venice Biennale, the Muenster Sculpture Project, Art Basel, and of course, Documenta.

I call it a response, but Blogumenta is more than that - it is a different kind of art event entirely. It has no physical gallery to visit, but there is an image repository on the website and in Facebook, one of the most popular social networking websites. It has no curator, but it was initiated by Robert and he is also the "Admin" of the Facebook group. The work itself is not for sale, but in the "Shopumenta" online store, you can purchase a Blogumenta ringer tee.

From the Facebook group page:

"Blogumenta may be Facebook's first art gallery/art fair. Anyone can join and submit an artwork by uploading a photo or writing on the wall or any other way you can think of to contribute. Everything is subject to moderation by admin. Please be courteous.

Blogumenta has approximately 7 days to assemble an online exhibition comparable in scope to Documenta XII, arguably the most prestigious art fair in the world, held only every four years in Kassel, Germany. But enough about them! join, contribute, blog like you ment a."

Today is the opening ceremony of Blogumenta, and Facebook users are asked to change their profile picture to acknowledge this. A selection of images have been made available to Facebook users (examples here:, and slowly but surely, I’m witnessing the Blogumenta-fication of profile photos. If you're on Facebook, join the fun - and if you're not, visit to comment, submit images, or browse the Shopumenta store.

Originally posted on Raw by Michelle Kasprzak